Friday, February 19, 2010

Maulidur-Rasul Promotion

Salam and Good Day all,

Thank you for your visit. I'd like to inform you that, in line with Maulidur-Rasul next coming Friday, 26th February, all Babyland diapers will be sold at RM27 per piece (includes 2 inserts). The stock are very limited and only some colours are available (BlueMonkey, Purple, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Orange). 

The postage cost are as follow:
1-4 pieces - RM6
5-7 pieces - RM8

All Babyland items will be discontinued and replace with new brands, InsyaAllah.

Note on Washing 

  • For the first time, you need to soak the set in a pail of hot water. Let the water warm down and then scrub the pants and inserts and rinse to make sure the the fabric wax removed. Do this 3 times. 
  • You'll notice leakage in the first few times using the diaper. Don't panic. The fabric wax is not 100% removed from the fabric. What you should do is, gather all dirty diapers, remove the urine or stool with cold water, then soak them again with hot water. Scrub and rince with cold water.
  • Never use fabric softner and bar soap because this will make up another layer of fabric wax and the fabric will not absorb urine.
  • In case the same problem occur, try use mueslin cloth on top of the diaper. The cloth absorbs urine well and is softer on baby's bottom. 

I try my best to make you love cloth diapering. However, whether it's easy or not, it depends on you and how serious you are on cloth diapering. Cloth diapering is not as easy as it looks, just like parenting.. I hope you are patient enough to make a change for our babies and the environment.. All the best mommies.. All patience are rewarded and the best rewards are from the Creator..

Have a nice holiday and to all Muslims, lets make this week the week filled by Salawat to The Best Teacher on Earth, Rasulullah SAW and may we get the reward in the hereafter...

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