Thursday, November 19, 2009

Multipurpose Wetbag

Salam and Good Day to all.

We would like to introduce a new product of  KCD; THE MULTI-PURPOSE WET BAG.

The wetbags are available in 3 prints; The Yellow Pooh, The Pink Bear and The Pink Daisy. Click here for the design.

Material: Flannel PUL
Closure: Zipper
Comes with side handle for hanging or carrying.

Sizes are as follow:

1) 12" by 10" (Can store about 2 wet cloth diapers with inserts or 10 wet pads)

Price: RM 15 inclusive Registered Post.

2) 20" by 19" (Can store about 7 wet cloth diapers with inserts)

Price: RM25 inclusive Registered Post

Other Uses of These Bags!!

These bag are also great for bathing suit, wet towel, or even keeping your laundry while traveling. For the small bag, you can even use it to put your toiletries and make-ups. STOP USING PLASTIC BAGS. CHOOSE YOUR DESIGN AND GET ONE OF THESE BAGS NOW!! LET'S SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT TOGETHER...

Picture: Size 20" by 19"

 Picture: Size 12" by 10"


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