Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Snaps Vs Velcro on Cloth Diapers


I know that it’s hard to choose between cloth and disposable. However when people choose cloth, there are a lot of options there too.

Here is a brief pros vs cons list that might be able to help you to decide which you want for your family.

Never get the ‘dreaded diaper chain’ (diapers sticking to each other)
Always look brand new
You never have to pick lint out of them
They are harder for babies to undo than Velcro
The look cleaner and nicer than Velcro
They seem to be less bulky

They can crack or bend.
They can tear the fabric that they are attached to which makes that part of the diaper useless.
They do not have as many sizing options as Velcro.
If a snap wears out, it is not as easily replaced. However we guarantee our snaps.


More sizing options than snaps.
Seem to be more dad friendly since they feel more like disposables.
If Velcro wears out, easily replace with new Velcro.
Because the hold is not quite as strong, you never rip the fabric that it’s attached to.
Much quicker to attach to fabric making it a cheaper diaper.

Velcro sticks to everything. Even when using laundry tabs, they still tend to work free.
Lint builds up in the ‘hook’ and you have to clean it or the diaper won’t work.
Tends to wear out quicker than snaps.
Tends to be a bit more bulky of a diaper.
Baby tends to be able to ‘get free’ easier.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kenapa Cloth Diaper Mak??


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